Perparation of water Marker By RFO Trainees for CCT Marking - 23/08/2019

Flood Relief works by RFO Trainees of Kundal Forest Academy in Sangli District - 12/08/2019 And 16/08/2019 - 16/08/2019

The Weapon Training of RFO Trainee batch 2018-19 is in progress at Police Training Centre Turachi ,District Sangli is in progress.This is part of their curriculum .The well trained staff of the Police Training center are imparting the tips for handling of weapons. - 16/07/2019

Workshop on Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation by Ela Foundation Pune .for RFO Trainees 2018-19 Batch was conducted on 13/07/2019 to 14/07/2019 The trainees were given exposure on current threats to wildlife and its solutions and First -Aid for birds , Making nest Boxes for the Birds in locality and information about identifying birds on the basis of their Calls. This helped them a lot for applying various strategies for the Protection and conservation of wildlife. - 15/07/2019

Mantaralaya Desk Officer Tree Plantation at Kundal Academy - 15/02/2019

Forester Field Visit - 08/08/2018

Environment Day at Kundal Academy Campus - 05/06/2018